PERU is a country with fabulous wealths, where Nature plant some of their best prodigies.

Calarina was created from fascination and wonder, to share the unique fruits that the ancient cradle of the Incas has to offer.

This is our dream: share, spread and carry our most exquisite Peruvian products as far away as possible.


Local Supply

We are supplied with Peruvian ingredients by local farmers.

Peruvian ingredients

Our products are made with peruvian ingredients like: golden berry, camu camu, amaranth, quinoa, maca, lucuma, purple corn, sacha inchi, yacon; and other ingredients.

Responsible and Quality Manufacturing

We ensure quality of our products on every step of the process. We continually implement sustainability practices with the environment.

Social Responsibility

We work with our local farmers to obtain quality products and fair prices.